Posted in January 2011

Get More Out of Google – Part 1

You are probably familiar with doing typical information searches with Google. But there are many lesser-known search commands that are possible with Google. Did you know that you can also use Google to help you spell words, look up definitions and search within a specific website? Here are five tips that may help you get … Continue reading

Three Good Reasons for using Strong Passwords

What do these three factual events have in common: Nude photos stolen from women’s e-mail accounts. A Minnesota man used his neighbor’s WiFi network to send threatening emails to Vice President Biden. 1.3 million accounts easily hacked at Each of these were made possible because people used weak passwords. In the hack, many … Continue reading


I wanted to call this post stress free computing, but there is probably no such thing. However, there are things you can do to decrease your PC problems. Think of these proactive steps as laying a good foundation. Much like with a house, if you build it on a poor foundation, you will likely have … Continue reading