Get More Out of Google – Part 1

You are probably familiar with doing typical information searches with Google. But there are many lesser-known search commands that are possible with Google. Did you know that you can also use Google to help you spell words, look up definitions and search within a specific website? Here are five tips that may help you get more out of Google.


Define words. Google can help you define words by using the define: command. For example, not sure what informatics means? In the Google search box type in define:informatics and click search.


Check on your stocks. Use the stock: command to check on current stock prices. For example, typing in stock:pep in the Google search box and clicking search will give you the stock price for Pepsi.


Google &  the weather. What is the weather like in Kailua Hi? We can ask Go0gle by typing in weather Kailua Hi.


Use quotes to narrow your search…Phrase Search.  By putting double quotes around a set of words, you are telling Google to look for just those words and in that order. If I type college football, that search would yield about 35 thousand pages, that’s a lot of pages to sift through. Now if I type in “college football”, that search yields about 17 thousand results. That is still a lot of pages, but better than 35 thousand.


Use Google to help you spell words. I often use Google as a quick way to see if I am spelling a word correctly. Most of the time, it does a better job than the spell checker in Microsoft Word. Just type in a word in the search box and click search.  If the word is misspelled, Google will suggest the correct spelling.


In part 2 of Getting More Out of Google, we will cover five addtional search commands that you may find useful.


Thanks for being here and happy computing,



2 thoughts on “Get More Out of Google – Part 1

    • Pamela,

      Yes, you can do all types of things with Google in addition to a normal search. You will learn even more in part 2 of Get More Out of Google. It is indeed my pleasure to share helpful information with people.

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