Posted in February 2011

I Can’t Access This Website

The dreaded 404 Page Not Found error. We have all seen it from time to time when trying to access a particular website. We often think to ourselves, ” is the problem with my computer or the website?” Typically the problem is not with your computer, but with the website. The only thing you can really … Continue reading

Hunting For Porn With A Stick

Do you ever wonder what your child is doing on his or her computer? Do you think to yourself, “is my child looking at pornography on the Internet?” There is a product from Paraben Corporation called Porn Detection Stick. It is a USB drive that contains software that scans your entire computer for pornographic images. … Continue reading

Getting More Out of Google – Part 2

I hope you found a few useful commands in part 1 of Getting More Out of Google. Here are five more things you can do with Google that you may not know about. Search your favorite websites with Google.Use the “site:” feature to limit your search to one particular website. I love cake. I like … Continue reading