Getting More Out of Google – Part 2

I hope you found a few useful commands in part 1 of Getting More Out of Google. Here are five more things you can do with Google that you may not know about.

Search your favorite websites with Google.Use the “site:” feature to limit your search to one particular website. I love cake. I like the foodnetwork website. However, there are times when it is hard for me to find what I am looking for using Food Networks own search tool. One day I was looking for pound cake recipes. I used Google to find what I was looking for. In the Google search box I typed in pound cake I quickly found all of the pound cake recipes I wanted at


Use Google as a calculator. I know Windows has a calculator and you may have one on your desk, but Google may be quicker if you spend the majority of your time using an Internet browser. Try a calculation like 500*200/4  or  25% of 49 or something as simple as 100+200.


Find out what time it is anywhere in the world. You can keep from making the mistake of calling someone in the middle of the night by using the time command. You type in the word time and the name of the city. For example,  time Kailua. I typed in the search below at 3:01pm Eastern Standard Time.


Use Google to research a person. Do  you have to do a research paper on a particular person? The biography search command can help.  If I were researching Barbara Jordan, in the Google search field I would type in biography of barbara jordan and then click search.


How many people live there. Google can tell you how many people live in a particular place. I want to know how many people live in Russia. I would go to Google and type in population Russia and click search.


Use Google to look for similar websites. Is blocked where you work or you just want an alternative? Try this  search command,


Questions, comments and requests are always encouraged.



2 thoughts on “Getting More Out of Google – Part 2

  1. There’s also Google Alerts I recently found out about for those of us who have young children.It let’s you know anytime their name comes up on the internet. Haven’t tried it yet, but I will in the future!

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