OneNote is my buddy – You May Like It To

Last year, I was told by my boss that I had to create and give a training class on OneNote. I did not even know what OneNote was. I now really like it. Think of OneNote as an electronic version of a paper notebook with dividers in it.

Before OneNote, I used Microsoft Word to keep track of the many different things (projects, recipes, technology information, etc.) that I wanted to keep up with. That was working fine for awhile. However, as the number of files and folders grew, it was difficult to find what I needed…quickly. OneNote does a much better job of organizing information. If you have Microsoft Office Professional  2003, 2007 or 2010, you SHOULD have OneNote.


I highly recommend watching this video if you are new to OneNote. It does a great job of  showing you what you can do with OneNote.

One of the best hands-on ways to get familiar with OneNote is to explore the OneNote Guide that has already been created for you. When you start OneNote, look at the pane on the left side and there should be a notebook called OneNote 2007 Guide, depending on what version of Microsoft Office you are using.

I guarantee you, after playing around with the interactive guide, you will have a good idea of what OneNote has to offer.

Hopefully OneNote will be a an easy to use time saver that will help you really get organized.

John L. Jones

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