You have probably heard the term, “the cloud” or “cloud computing.” It has been talked about on television, on the radio, and technology websites. The word “cloud” is simply a metaphor for the Internet.


Cloud computing is basically using a web browser, Internet connection and your provider’s servers to access your files and information from any computer in the world. With cloud computing, your files do not reside on the hard drive of your PC, but on the server of the cloud service provider.  Some examples of cloud computing are Google Docs, any web based email service, blogs, and Facebook accounts, etc.


  • You could  save money by not having to buy an expensive computer since most of the computing power and file storage is taken care of for you.
  • You could  save money when it comes to buying software. For example, Microsoft Word 2010 Professional is $499.99 MSRP. Some people will never use all of the features that Microsoft Office 2010 has to offer. For many people, Google Docs does everything they need and it is free.
  • No more emailing files to yourself or carrying around a USB drive that you may loose or wash. Yes, twice I have forgotten to take my USB drive out of my pants pocket before washing and drying my clothes. Lucky for me, the USB drive still works.
  • You can access your files from anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection and a web browser.


  • Privacy & security. As the data that is being stored in the cloud becomes increasingly important, it will attract the attention of hackers.
  • What happens if your Cloud provider goes out of business? Where is your data?
  • What happens if there is a problem with connecting to the Internet?
  • What happens if your cloud provider accidentally deletes your data?

Video – Cloud Computing in Plain English

Click on the link below and watch an excellent video about Cloud Computing. It does a great job of explaining the topic. You know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”


Thanks for being here,

John L. Jones

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