You have probably heard of Cloud Computing, Twitter, Web 2.0, Facebook and Google Docs. Do you really know what people are talking about? Would you like to know? Technology can be a great tool, but it changes very quickly. In order to make technology really useful, it helps to know what’s going on. There are two online sites that can keep you in the know. The first site is Grovo.com and the other one is Learnable.com.

Grovo.com offers free and premium video tutorials that covers how to effectively use and navigate many of the more popular social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook Privacy, Dropbox and WordPress to name a few. Currently the Grovo video library contains over 600 tutorials. The premium subscription is geared toward business professionals and includes pre-written notes and quizzes for $19.99 a month.

Learnable.com offers online classes created by everyday people that have in-depth knowledge in a particular area. Web Development, Intro to Excel 2010, Social Media Marketing, Beginning Twitter are a few of the courses offered. Course costs range from $15-$50.

So take some time and visit these sites. You never know, you just may learn something new, interesting, and useful.




Happy Computing,

John L. Jones

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