Google+, The Next Big Thing?

So, just as soon as you get really good at using Facebook and you finally got all of your privacy settings just right, something else comes along…Google+.  If Google Inc. has it’s way, Google+ will overtake Facebook in popularity.


Google+ is a social networking service that was launched on June 28, 2011.  At the moment the only way to get an account is if you know someone that already has one and they send you an invite. Even in the limited “invite only” test phase, Google+  was up to 20 million users in just 3 weeks.


According to Google Inc., Google+ (also known as G+) is “Real-life sharing rethought for the web.”

The main features are:

Circles – Circles allow you to put people you know in different circlescategories and share things with them accordingly. What you want to share with your girlfriends may be very different than what you want to share with your grandmother. You can create a circle for your  family members, friends, college football buddies, etc.

Hangouts – With Hangouts, you can let specific people or entire circles know that you are just “hanging out” and are free to chat face-to-face or through messaging.

Instant Upload –  Instant upload AUTOMATICALLY uploads the photos and videos on your phone to a private album on Google+. You decide who to share them with. Usually uploading photos and videos from your phone to the web is difficult and lengthy, G+ makes it easy.

Sparks – Sparks could greatly reduce the amount of time you spend searching the Internet for things that interest you. Tell Sparks what you are into (cooking, cars, fashion, technology, etc.) and articles and videos pertaining to your interests are automatically sent to you.

Huddle – I am sure we all know at least one texting wizard. People that can text at the speed of light. However, I bet even they would have a difficult time trying to coordinate what they plan on doing this weekend with 5 different people using typical texting methods. Huddle makes it easy. Huddle takes each of those individual text conversations and turns them into one simple and easy to use  group chat.


Do you have a 10 or 11 year old child or know someone that does? I fully believe that when they are a teenager, Google+ will be their Facebook. As you know, bad people will figure out a way to use Google+  for their own not so nice purposes. If you decide to use Google+ when it is made avaible to everyone, make sure you go beyond just how to use it. Make sure you learn how to properly configure it to minimize your chances of trouble.


Click on the link below. Once you are at the Google+ demo page, click the Take The Tour button at the top left of the screen.

Thanks for your time,

John L. Jones

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