Did Santa bring you a new PC? It’s great how fast and wonderful computers work when you first take them out of the box? Over time, the glee you felt when your computer was new turns into something like, “I hate this darn thing.”

Well, there are many things you can do to keep your computer in good shape. I have heard mechanics say over and over, “It does not matter if you paid $12,000 for a car or $60,000; if you take care of it (routine maintenance) the car will take care of you.” The same is true for computers.

Below are some things that have served me well over the years. Send me an email if you would like more detailed information.  Also, if you find this information useful, please consider subscribing to this blog.

TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR COMPUTER – Crime is a fact of life. I hope your computer does not get stolen, but it is possible. A picture of your computer, make, model number and serial number would probably be helpful when you make a police report.


USE A UPS – UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a computer and then plug it into a $5.00 power strip? A UPS keeps your computer running when the power goes out, giving you time to properly shut down your computer. 


MAKE AN EXACT IMAGE OF YOUR COMPUTER – An exact image copies all information (operating system, settings, drivers and files) to a DVD disc or external hard drive. If you have a major computer problem, just use your exact image copy to restore your computer back to when it was working perfectly.


BACKUP YOUR FILES – There are two types of hard drives, those that have failed and those that will…if you keep it long enough. I think important files should be backed up to three different places, CDDVD disc, external hard drive and Internet based storage.


USE A FIREWALL – Without a firewall, you have no control over what information enters and leaves your computer. Think of not having a firewall like having a house with no doors or windows.


USE GOOD ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE – New viruses are created daily.


USE GOOD SPYWARE SOFTWARE – There are some very good antivirus products on the market. In my experience, they do not do as good a job of stopping spyware. That’s why I recommend using a separate anti spyware software.


USE AN ALTERNATIVE BROWSER – For me, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are more secure and run faster than Microsoft Internet Explorer.


USE AN INTERNET SAFE SEARCH TOOL– Do you use a search engine to help you find things on the Internet?  Before you click, how do you know which of the websites in your search results are infected or not?


WINDOWS UPDATE – Microsoft is constantly trying to improve their products with updates, especially when it comes to making them more secure. You should always keep your computer up to date.


RUN SCANDISK AND DEFRAG – I think it is a good idea to run scandisk and defrag once every month to every two months. Scandisk checks your hard drive for errors and fixes them. Defrag puts your files back in proper order which speeds up your computer.


I hope this information helps keep your computer secure and running well. Remember, if you want detailed information about the specific products that work well for me, send me an email.

John L. Jones

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