You can ask 10 people and probably get 10 different answers to the question: What is the best USB flash drive to buy? Take a look at the screen shot below.


This week a USB flash drive a friend gave me 6 weeks ago stopped working. I had only used the flash drive nine times. I did everything right in terms of being careful how I inserted the drive and always went through the proper software method of safely ejecting the drive before actually pulling it out of my laptop, but it still died way too soon.

There are two points to this post.

  1. Always backup your data. I put a lot of  useful and important information on that drive in a relatively short period of time. However, when it stopped working, I was not worried. I have a backup of the entire drive. Data that is very important to me gets backed up to a DVD, external hard drive and Dropbox or Google Cloud Storage. SecondCopy is my favorite software program when backing up files to a DVD or external hard drive.


  1. Some people may feel that all USB flash drives are created equal, that has not been my experience. I prefer drives from Sandisk. I have a 16GB Sandisk USB flash drive that I have used just about every day 2 years. I have washed and dried (left it in my pants pocket a few times) the drive twice and it still works perfectly.


Remember, there are two types of drives, those that have failed and those that will…if you keep it long enough.  It is very wise to have a backup plan.

Thanks for your time,

John L. Jones

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