What are the apps on your phone up to? Do you care? I have often read that free apps and social media sites make money in one of two ways, ads or selling your information to a third-party. As one security expert put it, “Most of the time when an app is free, you and your data are the product they are selling.”

My wife and daughter are currently addicted to the game Kitchen Scramble. When they are playing that game, I could ride by them on a miniature horse while wearing a pink sundress and they would not notice me. Their love of the game got me to thinking about other apps and privacy issues. Below is a link to a very good article about Waze and privacy from my online buddy and privacy expert Hayley Kaplan. Please read her article.

Would you like to know just how invasive the apps are on your phone? SnoopWall Privacy App and Clueful just may do the trick.

Disclaimer: I just downloaded these apps and started using them for the first time yesterday, so far so good, but your mileage may vary.

Once you download SnoopWall to your phone, it will automatically scan every app on your phone and then report any privacy concerns it has with your apps. You can then decide what action you want to take. Clueful scans all apps on your phone and then gives you an overall privacy rating. You can then click on each app in the report to see what Clueful has to say about it.

There may be some apps on your phone that you are not familiar with and did not even download. It may be a good idea to have a computer or tablet nearby with Internet access so you can Google apps you need more info on.



NOTE: To get the most out of the app, I highly recommend that you read the user guide first.

Link to SnoopWall User Guide.

Link to SnoopWall Privacy App.


After going to the link, scroll down to the FAQ section located at the bottom left and learn more about Clueful.


This article may clear things up for you.


Stay safe, stay private…as possible.

John L. Jones

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