The Fortnite Craze




Fortnite was released by Epic Games in July 2017. Fortnite is undoubtedly the hottest game in the world. Fortnite has 8.3 million concurrent players. That means that 8.3 million people played Fortnite every day for an entire year. Its closest competitor, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds) has about 1 million concurrent players.

Did you know there are two different Fortnites? Is your child playing Fortnite: Save the Word (FSTW) or Fortnite Battle Royale (FBR)? It is highly likely it is Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite: Save The World is the original Fortnite. Put simply, it is a survival zombie\monster killing type of game. You build forts and with the help of your friends protect the fort by killing zombies.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a competitive shooter game where 100 players battle each other and try to kill one another. Last person standing wins.

61% of all teens have played Fortnite.



There is a lot of violence in the game. I would say a child should be at least 10 years old. Many social media sites for parents recommend players be 13 years old.



PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.



Fortnite Battle Royale is free. Epic Games makes money by selling V-bucks. V-bucks are the currency used in Fortnite. You can use V-bucks to buy cosmetic items such as Skins\costumes, Emotes, Pickaxes, Gliders, Back Bling. A V-Buck is worth a penny. You have to buy at least 500 V-Bucks at a time, at $4.99. The full version of Fortnite is around $42.



  • The simple and easy interface even for beginners.

  • It is free.

  • The games are generally short which means you do not have to invest hours to complete one game.

  • Characters are highly customizable.

  • It can be played on my different platforms.

  • You do not have to be the best gamer in the world to feel you did well in the game.

  • They can team up with their friends and fight against your enemies.


Violence, but you do not have to be worried about sexuality, inappropriate language or alcohol\drug use.

Your child may get addicted. With any game, software or device, discuss in advance and agree upon how much screen time is enough.

One of the biggest concerns is playing with a headset and microphone and talking to friends AND strangers over the Internet. There may be inappropriate conversations coming from fellow players during gameplay. Make sure your kids never give out any personal information to strangers.

There are two ways to deal with this. Some parents may decide not to get their child a headset. Your child can still play the game without a headset, but can’t talk to anyone. Another way is from within the game go to Settings, click on Privacy: Public and change to Privacy:Friends or Privacy:Private. With this setting, kids will only play with people who they know and have hopefully met in real life. Next step, turn off voice chat.  Go to Settings, click the gear icon and turn off voice chat.


E-sports is big business. Some parents think if their child is one of the best Fortnite players, it will lead to scholarships, prize money in tournaments or e-sports careers.

Yes, some parents are hiring coaches to help their kids get better at Fortnite. Some coaches charge up to $35 an hour. I guess it is like parents hiring coaches to make their kids better at football or basketball and dreaming of a professional sports career. I say spend your money on something more worthwhile. Everybody is not going to be Ninja.

Who is Ninja?



John L Jones

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