NOTE: There are no new posts at the moment. What has been posted is still applicable today. I will post when I have something to say that I think will be very helpful.

Welcome to Proactive Technology Services – The blog.  This blog will feature posts on a number of recurring themes mostly about computer security and PROACTIVE things you can do to keep your PC performing at its peak. This blog is for home, SOHO and small business PC users.  Here are a few of the topics that I will cover:

  • Malware
  • Phishing Scams
  • Common sense ways to stay safe
  • Encryption
  • Social networking safety
  • Keeping kids safe online
  • Data safety
  • Mobile device safety
  • Preventative maintenance

There will also be articles about products, services or websites that I come across that I think will make your computing life easier, save time and be more productive.

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