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  I am sure you have heard of businesses paying money to organized crime thugs to ensure that their businesses don’t get burned down or that no one meets with any untimely physical misfortune. Will you or someone you know end up paying “rent” ($20-$100 a month) to digital mobsters in the near future? You … Continue reading


A SECURE WEBSITE, A LOCK, HTTPS – WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Hackers are always thinking of ways to steal your information. We are told to make sure that we are using a secure website whenever personal\private information is being sent. The two main ways to know if a site is secure is if it … Continue reading

STOLEN COMPUTERS = Personal Information Leak

Are you a member of the YMCA? If so, you may have received a letter regarding their computer theft and that your personal information could be in the hands of crooks. Here is another opportunity for me to talk about encryption. In this case, whole drive encryption. Encryption is when you take datainformation that can … Continue reading