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Outside of my full-time job, I speak to parents about keeping their kids safe online. Not too long ago I spoke at a local Catholic school. Based on the number of parents that came up to me after the presentation, a certain topic hit home. Many of the parents did not think about online gaming … Continue reading


Do you have a wireless network (Wi-Fi) at home? Who doesn’t these days? There is a 99% chance that you are vulnerable to the KRACK attack. No, you did not do anything wrong. Even if your phone, tablet, PC or router was updated as recently as a week ago, you are still vulnerable. As you … Continue reading


  WHAT IS WANNACRY It is a version of malicious software (malware) called ransomware. Typical ransomware locks your computer and does not unlock your computer until you pay the amount of money\ransom that the hacker wants. I first wrote about ransomware in 2012. I said that the use of ransomware would increase. It is very … Continue reading


Have you eaten at Cici’s  Pizza lately? Did you pay with a credit or debit card? WHAT HAPPENED On Tuesday, Cici’s Pizza admitted that 135 of its stores were hacked. Customer’s credit card data may have been stolen. WHEN DID IT HAPPEN According to the pizza chain, the majority of the hacks started in March … Continue reading


  I am sure you have heard of businesses paying money to organized crime thugs to ensure that their businesses don’t get burned down or that no one meets with any untimely physical misfortune. Will you or someone you know end up paying “rent” ($20-$100 a month) to digital mobsters in the near future? You … Continue reading

The Internet of Everything  – Here Come The hackers

Just because you can does not mean you should, especially if you don’t do it well. What am I talking about? The Internet of Everything (IoE)  – connecting the unconnected. What is the Internet of Everything?  According to the Oxford dictionary, the Internet of Everything is – “A proposed development of the Internet in which … Continue reading

Safe Shopping Online

  Yes, Cyber Monday has come and gone, but the crooks are still prowling the Internet. It appears that more people than ever will be doing some of their holiday shopping online this year. You can be sure the crooks know this and will be trying to scam you, get your personally identifiable information (PII) … Continue reading


Last week, a study by Fraser Howard, one of the main researchers at Sophos Labs (a computer security software and hardware company) suggested that you are twice more likely to click on a poisoned link at than you are at A poisoned link is a link that takes you to an infected website … Continue reading