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Is there is an Internet active young person in your life that you care about? If so, Trust should probably be on their list of movies to see. The movie came out on April 1st in limited release. It will be on DVD July 26th. The movie is a drama about the negative effects an … Continue reading


I decided to write about this when I heard a parent on Dr. Phil last week say, “I did not know what sexting was.” Her daughter tried to kill herself 5 months ago because of the abuse she was getting from friends at school because of a sexting incident. The young lady made a poor … Continue reading

Hunting For Porn With A Stick

Do you ever wonder what your child is doing on his or her computer? Do you think to yourself, “is my child looking at pornography on the Internet?” There is a product from Paraben Corporation called Porn Detection Stick. It is a USB drive that contains software that scans your entire computer for pornographic images. … Continue reading

TEXTING – Know what your children are saying.

Do your children chat online or text? You probably know what LOL or LMAO mean, but what about ASL or PAW? There are many parents that may not be as technology savvy as their children. For safety reasons, parents are encouraged to know what is going on when their children are chatting online or texting. … Continue reading