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Using Google’s Built-In Dictionary

Did you know that you can use Google for more than just searching for websites? Google can also help you look up the meaning of words. Originally, Google had a separate page set up where you could look up the meanings of words. Google has made it much easier now. All you have to remember … Continue reading


For two years I volunteered at the Union Mission helping people who lived in the shelter learn how to use computers and do Internet job searches.  On one particular night, I met a student named Gary. He wanted to get back into the construction field. He knew so much about construction and what to look … Continue reading


  You have probably heard of Cloud Computing, Twitter, Web 2.0, Facebook and Google Docs. Do you really know what people are talking about? Would you like to know? Technology can be a great tool, but it changes very quickly. In order to make technology really useful, it helps to know what’s going on. There … Continue reading


DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ! We all have received emails in our inbox with some wild claim. Sure, Microsoft really is going to send $1,000 to the 500th person that sends them an email. Often people forward these emails on and before you know it many people have incorrect information…that they believe. Before you forward … Continue reading

Use RSS To Keep Up With What’s Going On.

Would you like to keep up with the information from your favorite news, sports, technology, or financial websites? One way to do this is visit each site every day, but who has that kind of time. You could subscribe to your favorite sites via email.  However, if you are like me, you already have enough … Continue reading

March Madness and Microsoft Outlook

This will be a short post since I don’t care for basketball or use Outlook. For those who love basketball and use Outlook, are you getting all geared up for the college basketball tournament known as March Madness? Would you like an easy way to keep up with all of the action?  Well, Microsoft has … Continue reading