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Do you have a wireless network (Wi-Fi) at home? Who doesn’t these days? There is a 99% chance that you are vulnerable to the KRACK attack. No, you did not do anything wrong. Even if your phone, tablet, PC or router was updated as recently as a week ago, you are still vulnerable. As you … Continue reading


You have probably heard about the most recent technology security problem. The personal data of 6 million Verizon customers were leaked online. Verizon said that the problem was the result of a misconfigured security setting on a cloud server. The error made available online the names, phone numbers and PIN codes of customers. Unless you … Continue reading


  WHAT IS WANNACRY It is a version of malicious software (malware) called ransomware. Typical ransomware locks your computer and does not unlock your computer until you pay the amount of money\ransom that the hacker wants. I first wrote about ransomware in 2012. I said that the use of ransomware would increase. It is very … Continue reading


I know, the title of this blog post is a bit strange. Let me explain. A few days ago I was in BestBuy looking for a new PC for my daughter. Her current laptop (a 3-year old Asus) leaves a lot to be desired. The store did not have the specific Lenovo model I wanted. … Continue reading


  I am sure you have heard of businesses paying money to organized crime thugs to ensure that their businesses don’t get burned down or that no one meets with any untimely physical misfortune. Will you or someone you know end up paying “rent” ($20-$100 a month) to digital mobsters in the near future? You … Continue reading


Did Santa bring you a new laptop or desktop computer? If so, here are a few tips on how to protect your valuable new computer. SAY CHEESE Crooks steal. It is their job.  Take pictures of each side of your laptop or desktop that clearly shows the make, name, model number and serial number. If … Continue reading


Consumer Reports estimates that 4 million smartphones were lost or stolen last year and never recovered. Recently a co-worker had her smartphone stolen at work. Hopefully you will never have your phone stolen or lose it. Here are a few tips to help you protect your smartphone from prying eyes, viruses, theft, and bad apps. … Continue reading


Hang on to this post for the next 12-24 months to see if I am right or wrong. In the very near future, I believe ransomware attacks will increase and will likely be the number 1 type of attack, especially when it comes to the home computer user. The nastiest ransomware virus right now is … Continue reading

Cyber Security Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness month (NCSAM). This is year number 11 for NCSAM. Technology has really changed in the last 11 years. We are more connected now than ever. In the past 11 years, the bad guys have gotten much better at compromising computers and stealing personal data. There are some people that … Continue reading


A new ransonmware virus is spreading. It is called CryptoLocker.  Like most ransomware, CryptoLocker takes control of your PC or files. In order to regain control, you must pay the hacker a ransom…money.  Once you pay up, they will relinquish control of your computer or files. Cryptolocker spreads primarily when infected email attachments are opened. Also, … Continue reading