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Outside of my full-time job, I speak to parents about keeping their kids safe online. Not too long ago I spoke at a local Catholic school. Based on the number of parents that came up to me after the presentation, a certain topic hit home. Many of the parents did not think about online gaming … Continue reading

The Blue Whale Challenge – Is Your Teen Doing It?

[NOTE: Since researching this game, several websites (snopes.com, netfamilynews.org, and webwise.ie) are suggesting that this game may be the result of fake news. Fake or not, the more teens that read about it, some may actually start doing it. I do know one thing for sure. The daughter of a friend started playing this game a … Continue reading


There is an app called Yellow that is increasing in popularity. There are many that call Yellow “Tinder for kids.” For those that don’t know what Tinder is, it is a dating app that adults use to primarily locate hook-ups.   WHAT IS YELLOW Yellow helps you find and make new friends on Snapchat and … Continue reading


Have you eaten at Cici’s  Pizza lately? Did you pay with a credit or debit card? WHAT HAPPENED On Tuesday, Cici’s Pizza admitted that 135 of its stores were hacked. Customer’s credit card data may have been stolen. WHEN DID IT HAPPEN According to the pizza chain, the majority of the hacks started in March … Continue reading


It seems like every year there are more and more people shopping online during the holidays. There are some people that just hate shopping in general and especially when there are large crowds. For others, online shopping is all about saving money even when you factor in shipping. Here are some tips that will hopefully … Continue reading


I recently spoke to a group of parents, teachers and administrators at my daughter’s school. The general topic was online safety and what parents can do to keep their kids safe(r) online.  The specific topics were: Digital Natives Inappropriate Communications Oversharing Hiding Apps Cyberbullying Predators Sexting Popular Apps How to protect your child today and … Continue reading


There is an app that is gaining in popularity. The app is called YouNow. Some people refer to YouNow as being a live YouTube.   HOW DOES IT WORK You can broadcast your life with YouNow. With YouNow and your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can live-stream to the world whatever you are doing and … Continue reading

Safe Online Shopping

It is that time of year when many people will be buying all sorts of things. Many of us (including me) may choose not to fight the crowds at the stores and shop from the comfort of our own home using our computer and the Internet. This time of year brings out even more scam … Continue reading